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Our clients and candidates are always willing to provide a genuine testimonial. Here is a list of just some of them that we've received in recent times.
“Inspired Staffing are absolutely fantastic. I met with Jo and Rachel and they were both lovely and extremely helpful. I secured a full time position after my one and only interview. I can honestly highly recommend Inspired Staffing.” 

Michelle Tulley, Found work with Inspired Staffing
12 April 2017

“Thank you too all team members from inspired staffing, you all have been a great help to me and have been so supportive, from vouchers to checking up on how I was going and giving supportive feedback, you all are so very kind. It’s now time for me to move on a as contractor. I really wouldn’t have of done it without you, thank you all so much!”

Robert Olaes, Candidate
10 April 2017
“The staff at Inspired Staffing are easy to get along with and they’ve given me plenty of work. All the girls are great to deal with and I’m always paid on time. The process of communicating job orders is simple and really clear.”

Andrew Burrows, Candidate
6 April 2017

“I am very impressed with the staff members that Inspired Staffing provided for our Sydney Bridal Showing. The office communicated and organised the suitable staff for Sydney. Always following up and ensuring we were notified of changes and kept up to date. The staff members listened carefully and worked really hard to help us set up and pack down our exhibition. They were eager and enthusiastic at all times. Would love to have the same staff back at our next show.”

Alice Kwan, Essence of Australia
7 March 2017

“Inspired Staffing’s service is truly impeccable. We have spent over a week attempting to find a tradesperson for a certain job with no luck from other companies. However, Inspired staffing stopped at nothing to find us a tradesperson with only a days’ notice! Their amazing recruiting skills paired with 5 star customer service is second to none and I am truly grateful for all that Inspired Staffing has provided for us. Will definitely be using their service in the future!”

Angela, Final Touch
16 February 2016

“I would highly recommend working with Inspired Staffing. It was very easy to register and can always get in touch and communicate with the ladies. Was placed into ongoing work within a week of signing up!” 

Cameron, Candidate
9 December 2016

“I’m so incredibly grateful to you for this job. So again, thank you for believing in me and even though I said I was scared to report directly to the owner, you still believed in me.”

Angelee Maritz, Candidate
7 December 2016
 “Inspired Staffing is always my first option when I need staff.  I like them because they always supply me with quality good workers.”

Chris, WM Waste
1 December 2016 29 January 2017

 “I am so unbelievably appreciate for all that you have done for me. On the same day that I signed up you were calling me within two hours and letting me know what was going on with work lined up. It has made me so happy and I am really excited to start working.”

Gayle Miller, Hooklift Driver
10 November 2016

“I would recommend Inspired Staffing for finding who you need for the job you need. Great, friendly and reliable.”

Johnny Mathews, Cleanaway
27 October 2016

“I deal with Inspired Staffing because they’re reliable and friendly. Lyn is the best!  And Kayla is second best!”

Theo, Citywide
21 October 2016
“I am really inspired with all the Inspired Staffing Team. The Inspired Staffing Team is fully professional. They also give us work with friendly team environment. They are fully trained staff. They give us payment on time. They never delay. They inform about shift before because I can prepare before time. Really I smoothly ran my family. I am also thankful to Lyn. She is a great lady because she understand our work needs and gives work opportunity on the basis of equality.”

Adnan, Employee
5 October 2016

“Hi Jo, this is Mark Bolt I am sending you a review about my experience with Michelle. In my experience with her she has gone far beyond the call of duty. She was extremely fast in organising every aspect of my job recruitment very formal a pleasure to talk and deal with. Very professional by far the BEST recruitment agent I have ever dealt with. I cannot express my thanks to herself and your company as a whole enough. Usually I would not take the time to write such a passionate review but Michelle definitely deserves my praise and I look forward to dealing with her in the future highest regards to herself and Inspired Staffing.”

Mark Bolt, Diesel Mechanic
13 October 2016
“Inspired Staffing provide all the good runners and drivers and that is the way that we like it.” Chr

Chris, WM Waste
7 October 2016 4 November 2016

“Inspired Staffing keeps me in work. Very nice people. Thanks Inspired”

Brendan, labourer
20 October 2016 14 October 2016

“I’ve been with Inspired Staffing for over five years and have received plenty of work. The team are fantastic to speak to on the phone and are extremely helpful. The ladies are now helping me build the confidence to get my HR license to start my truck driving career.”

Dean Kirkright, Casual Employee
6 October 2016
“When you guys say that you will do something, I have every faith that you will deliver. I consider your more than a recruitment agency. You are a partner and have provided staff to a very difficult working environment.”

Akilas Toutzoglou, Site Manager, SKM Recycling
23 August 2016

“For around 8 years now the staff at Inspired Staffing have been supplying us with casual labour sometimes we could require up to 20-30 staff for long periods, sometimes for 3 months at a time. Very easy to deal with and always contactable which is great for our operations that start at 5am. 24 hour hotline to get casual labour is a blessing, the girls are always ready to help. Its been a great partnership for 8 years and I‘m positive it will continue for long time.”

Scott Burridge, Cleanaway
23 August 2016
“Best recruitment agency in Melbourne. Love you awl… Changed my life.”

Waqar Jafri
December 2015

“Always on the ball +!!!!!!!!!!!!!Top notch agency.”

VC Murray 
January 2015
The ladies in the office have helped me out so much with work over last 6 years I been with them one of the best, for customers and myself as worker for them, thanks guys.”

Tom Cannard
October 2015

“You and your team seem to care more than others, thank you again for helping us.”

Cold Storage, Melbourne
“I know that you will always answer my call. Thanks for your help this morning. I hope that I didn’t ring too early.”

Accounting Firm, Melbourne

“We haven’t used you for some time, it was timely that you made contact. I am so impressed with your service and the two people you supplied this week.”

Spare Parts, Melbourne
“I value my relationship with the girls at Inspired. They are an amazing and very supportive group to deal with. Answering the phone anytime of the day or night, they have got me out of difficult situations many times.”

Waste site, Melbourne

“I have worked with other agencies. I find you guys at Inspired to be true blue and supportive whereas other agencies have been rude!”

Casual labourer in Sydney
“You go to any length to help me and everyone in the office communicates so well. I appreciate that you prioritise my needs.”

NSW company

“Inspired Staffing saved me so much time recruiting for a permanent role. They kept me informed on a daily basis and didn’t give up until we found the best candidate for our needs. They were exceptional.”

Adelaide company
“We had a situation when one of permanent drivers cancelled 5 minutes before the shift started. I called Inspired Staffing, knowing their reliability in the past. I felt so relieved when Emma answered the phone in her pleasant manner and more than relieved when they organized and sent a replacement driver within the hour! I couldn’t recommend them enough! No hassle, no disappointment and easy communication/booking!”

Melbourne company

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